Growers about Jan Spek Roses

The Ammerlaan family Ethiopia

“Jan Spek Rozen is a very reliable partner. Not only now but for many years”

The Barnhoorn family Ethiopia

“Jan Spek Rozen is a very good breeder and has got a very good and large assortment”

Bernd Ludwig Germany

“The company works very reliable, the people are friendly and the plants are always in a good quality.”

ZK Flowers Ethiopia

“Jan Spek Rozen produces very good varieties. The management is very good and friendly. We hope they will go strong for the next 125 years!”

Olij Rozen Holland

“Jan Spek Rozen is a company with a lot of experience in breeding cutroses and gardenroses . The employers do empathize in a good way with the growers”

Pandaflowers Kenya

“Good creator…”

The Van der Burg family Ethiopia

“The company always stick to their roots, not all breeders do so.”

Fontana Kenya

“Good breeder…”

Rosen Optendrenk Germany

“Very good production, design and colours”

Ivan Freeman Kenya

“Jan Spek Rozen produces lovely varieties which makes my job of selling them much easier”

Philippe Veys Kenya and Ethiopia

“Serious and in the same time relaxed. Lovely roses and lovely people”

Royal Flowers Ecuador

“Spectacular roses…”

Renato Teran Ecuador

“Always innovating…”

Avinash Mokate India

“Jan Spek has very strong genetic potential to provide varieties for warm Indian condition. The variety selection criteria is very good so the farmers benefit. We wish Jan Spek keeps on supporting the farmers in hot climate to produce good quality cut roses”

Jong-hyuk Park South Korea

“I have planted a lot of rose varieties. But Jan Spek Rozen varieties are best in my farm.”

Kazuyo Asayama and Mikio Motohashi Japan

“The company has a wonderful history. Jan Spek Rosen has developed a lot of beautiful roses”

Narendra Patil India

“Jan Spek is a trustable and reliable partner. They have shown trust in us and have supplied us new varieties as trial for Indian climate. We wish them all the success and congratulate them for successful completion of a long journey.”

Dean Rule Ecuador

“Jan Spek Rozen is a company that demonstrates timeless values and at the same time modern breeding and selection methods. As a greenhouse rose breeder this has allowed them to come so far so fast. Varieties such as Hearts® are among the most innovative in the market.”